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November 3rd 2017

Comments: I am not at present worthy to be a Spiritual Child of Saint Pio but hope and pray with Grace and Help of Almighty God and The Virgin Mary to become one. Had never heard of Mary Pyle until now. Humbly I ask Saint Pio and Mary Pyle to ask Almighty God to look kindly on me in Medical Tests and Treatment I am having. Praised Be Jesus Christ Always and Everywhere. Tom.





Alejandra Molina




July 15th 2017


Comments:  Through the intercession of Mary, I ask for the conversion of my husband, children and mother. Amen







United Kingdom


May 21st 2017


Comments: May I ask for prayers for my son, LUKE concerning a special intention.







May 2nd 2017


Comments: Thank you so much for this beautiful website of wonderful information about Mary Pyle that I was looking to learn more  in searching up spiritual daughters of Saint Padre Pio. We are so blessed to have them gone before us so we can learn from them. Will be praying for Mary Pyle to become a Saint but have no doudt she is enjoying Paradise with St. Pio already. She is a great inspiration of beautiful charity in all its aspects of generous giving to us and she was So incredibly blessed to be called by St. Pio to be his American Helper.  She gave alot and sacrificed alot it seems where she could have  gone in another direction but this is where she found her true peace and happiness as you can see the inner joy radiating in her face in all the pictures.  St Pio and Mary Pyle please pray for my family and a healing for my current health problem that if God wills it a cure will come. Blessed Be God. Ave Maria





Francesca Adriano




March 2017


Comments: I am in awe of and inspired by this wonderful woman!







United Kingdom


February 11th 2017


Comments: What a wonderful person.Pray intercede for a miracle of grace.





Mr, & Mrs.Mike Trainor




November 5th 2016


Comments: Need prayers to come to Jesus. Fall in love with Jesus and each other.





Buddy Tascone




October 17th 2016


Comments: I have been reading books about Padre Pio for several years. I would like to read about Mary Pyle. Could you send me the name of a few books and their authors to start me off. (writings in English please)

Thank you!





Marcela T. Gonzalez




September 10th 2016


Comments: I love Mary Pyle because she did so much for Padre Pio, she was a true spiritual child of St. Padre Pio. . I`ll pray for her beatification.





Fr Terry O'Connell




July 9th 2016


Comments: What a great and holy woman.





Kim Sinclair




July 6th 2016


Comments: Mary, thank you for all you have done.





Charlene Shaffer




June 26th 2016


Comments: Spiritual Friendship, a love so pure and so deep that it goes straight to the Heart of God.

May Mary be elevated to the ranks of the saints for her selfless love and devotion to God and to our beloved Padre Pio.





Betty Kelly




June 4th 2016


Comments: What an inspirational lady may she soon be made saint mary Pyle xxx





Madelon Carr Vitucci




January 20th 2016


Comments: Today I have prayed to Adelia Pyle for her to keep me safe as I travel soon to be with Padre Pio again, this time in Rome. What a beautiful story and life of a very talented and beautiful women. Her soul was inflamed with the love of Christ and St. Padre Pio, they worked for the Kingdom to come and I believe they have now been recognized as the two very influencial people of that time in history especially in Italy. As for America I think she will be Canonized since Padre Pio said "He had done everything for her soul".





Mavis Koay




May 19th 2015


Comments: What an inspiration Mary Pyle is! I came across this site by curiosity after accidentally taken to Padre Pio's website. When I read about the Holy Family church donated by Padre Pio's American secretary, I became curious and googled her. Oh wow.......I'm in total awed by Padre Pio and Mary Pyle. Lord Jesus, I give thanks to You for brining me here today. Please continue to guide me spiritually and show me my vocation in the remaining tme here on earth so I may glorify You. Amen





Madelon Carr Vitucci




January 22nd 2015


Comments: I am an American, born in Brooklyn, N.Y. I have traveled to San Giovanni Rotundo for I am totally Devoted to St. Padre Pio. I saw the name Mary Pyle on the buildings there and didn't know about her.So many coincidences began to happen to me about her that I am now praying for her to become a saint too. Pray, Hope and Don't Worry, she will be a saint. I am researching her because I have been deeply drawn to her because of Padre Pio!





Lisa Monteleone




October 19th 2014


Comments: carmella marachino is my grandmothers cousin. we grew up believing we had a special bond with padre pio and only recently learned that she was Marys housekeeper... it sounds like she worked for a exceptional woman and was blessed to have her..









August 31st 2014


Comments: I am reading Fr. Alessio Parente's "Send Me Your Guardian Angel". Yesterday evening, one of my prayers was to the guardian angel of Padre Pio. I had a strange dream about old buildings and being separated from the group. When I woke up, I began to read "Send Me Your Guardian Angel", and I was reading, for the very first time, the chapter entitled: 'Mary the American", and wanted to know more about her. That is how I found this website.





Robert Sakvatore




July 24th 2014


Comments: I am reading the book Pray Hope and Dont Worry, True stories of Padre Pio, I found this site after reading about Mary in that book.





Jeff Ramirez, ofs




June 24th 2014


Comments: I also belong with the Third Order of St. Francis known today as the Secular Franciscan Order. I ask for Mary's intercession since it was an accident I cam across this website. Can you tell me how to get copies of her prayer card?





Evelyn Martin




June 23rd 2014


Comments: Pray for me, I must build a House of Refuge for Our Blessed Mother, pray for me to be strengthened my Son Gino also as he will be helping me to do this special work..





Paola Francesca




March 9th 2014


Comments: I am italian, I dont speak english...I read a book about her life e then I pray for glorification of Mary Pyle: a very fine e beautiful women of God.









February 17th 2014


Comments: What a beautiful story and a beautiful soul was Mary Pyle. I hope she someday is canonized.





Betty Kelly




February 6th 2014


Comments: what a wonderful lady mary pyle was a walking saint,may she soon be known the world over as saint mary pyle life long friend of saint padre pio i ask this through Jesus Christ our lord Amen









November 6th 2013


I am a spiritual child of Padre Pio who interceded gor me to get healed. I have been somewhat instructed by a voice inside me to attribute a portion of my healing to Mary Pyle who is so close to the Padre. I know she was praying for me. Now i will pray for her. God bless her soul.





Michael G Moore


United Kingdom


September 18th 2013


Thank you for your sacrifices, Mary, and for using your resources for God's greater glory. Please help me to use mine (both old and new) for the same goal. Amen.





Carlo Mansueto




September 14th 2013


Anche tu sei stata una matita nelle mani di Dio. Prega per tutti noi Mary Pyle in particolare per i bambini ed i ragazzi ammalati. (Translation: Even you were a pencil in the hands of God Pray for us Mary Pyle in particular for children and sick children.)





From Maine to Kentucky


A Genealogy Blog about ancestors who lived in almost every state between Maine, Virginia, and Illinois





Rev. Sr. Maria Renate FSBS


United Kingdom


May 27th 2013


I heard about our sister Mary Pyle some years ago and for some reason I find myself caught up with her life and works along side our Father St. Pio. I will place Mary in the heart of my prayers for her beatification.





Martin Haumesser


Buffalo, NY USA


January 19th 2013


The photo of Mary Pyle with the American soldiers is one I am quite familiar with.


The soldier to her immediate right is my father, Arthur J. Haumesser. He flew with the United States Army Air Corp, 15th Air Force, 463rd Bomb Group, out of Foggia, Italy. He visited with Padre Pio with a choir my father belonged to.


My father passed away on January 17, 2013, Please remember him in your prayers.



Mary Pyle and Sargeant Haumesser to her Right - U.S.Army Air Force 463rd Bomb Group Foggia .





Consuelo Villalon




August 21st 2012


please pray for jorge and magui's health. for wisdom and humility for us all in the family to help as needed. may Padre Pio and your force Mary Pyle and your prayers heal them. i will pray for your Beatification. amen


prayers for jorge tellez and margarita. prayers for support for their daughters. prayers that jorge wallks out soon from the hospital and margarita is fully recover soon too. prayers of enlighten for them and for me so that i know the best way to support and guide them and keep the unity and harmony and respect in the family. thank you.





Candida Di Frangia




April 26th 2012


I am an italoamericana living in Italy for over 40 years since l972. I read your biography in english. I am a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio for 60 years. You have been an inspiration for me and I feel I know you as we both grew up in the United States. Mary, please pray for me and my family. I thank you with all my heart.





Pauline Fournier




January 30th 2012


My husband has a letter from Mary Pyle written in 1945 and it was sent to his uncle who visited Padre Pio. This uncle had a Mass said for my husband's brother and the money was given to Mary Pyle,as she writes in this letter. If you want a copy of the letter I'll need a address. This letter is written on two post csrds and we just found it two months ago as it was with family pictures that we were going through - Click here to view postcards





Gwen and Seamus Flynn




October 13th 2011


We pray for the Beatification of Mary Pyle a humble servant of the poor and suffering.





Martin Shubin


USA, California


October 12th 2011


My Prayers are with you and for you to becoming a Saint - Thank you for all you did for Padre Pio and his work...









September 30th 2011


I am journeying and currently a work in progress. I have read books about Padre Pio and in one of those beautiful, inspiring books I get to know Mary Pyle. I am at awe about her love to God and her love to Padre Pio. I told myself, I wish I was born those years when people like Mary Pyle and Padre Pio were still living, it would be so wonderful to talk to them and ask a lot of questions and being prayed over. I am so inspired

about the love both of them have for the Lord and the Virgin Mary. Mary Pyle and Padre Pio, please help me in praying to our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary that I may be totally healed from my current health

challenges, may I also be free from financial debts. May I grow deeper in faith, hope, love and charity. May the merciful Father forgive me from all my sins specially on my habitual sins and negative emotions. May I draw myself closer, my family and friends into His merciful and compassionate love. That I may never go astray again and will always be a channel of God's perfect love for others. May I live healthy and long as well as my family, serving together for the greater glory of God. May the good Lord give me financial abundance, so I may be more generous to others and give to those people in need speciallly the children on the streets and the sick. Jesus, Mary and Joseph- I give you my heart and my soul. I offer to the Lord, all that I am, the good and the bad in me. All that I possess, my life and my death. All these I pray, in Jesus holy name. Amen





Vince and Mary




September 12th 2011


I have read the two books on Mary Pyle (very good). So happy to have found this web sight. It's great. Vince and Mary Crisci.....





Ray Waychunas




September 12th 2011


An excellant topic and a well done unoffical bio. Thank You!





mario pizzo




September 10 2011


pray that we will find financial help on our mortages on our house. thank you mario





Mary Anne Elizabeth




August 12th 2011


Please give St Pio a kiss in Heaven from me and thank him for his presence in my life. X





Don Seventino


Tanzania, East Africa


July 26th 2011


Mary Pyle was blessed to live and share her spiritual live under Padre Pio. For sure she uncanonised saint.





Bernie Sarratea




July 15th 2011


Padre Pio, you said your work would not be done until all your spiritual children were in heaven... I humbly pray for your intervention in the beatification of this dear and spiritual lady... She is inspiring to all... amen





Andréia Morais




May 25th 2011


Olá pessoas italianas, é com muito prazer que visito o site de vcs para conhecer um pouco sobre a benfeitora das obras sociais de Pe. Pio, Mary Pyle. Obrigada pela oportunidade.


(Translation - Hello Italian people, it is a pleasure to visit the site of you to know a little about the patron of the charity works of Padre Pio, Mary Pyle. Thank you for the opportunity)





Church of the Covenant, New York




April 30th 2011


Church of the Covenant at 310 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017, USA is proud to have baptized Mary Pyle as an infant, the beginning of her spiritual journey. May her soul rest in peace.





Michele Dickinson




March 25th 2011


What a great inspiration.





Flavia Kelly




February 4th 2011


I would love to see marys house we were in san giovanni last summer we cant wait to return i tryed to find the house was not sure where it was





Karen McManus




January 26th 2011


I will offer prayers and encourage all visitors to this site to pray for the beatification of blessed Mary Adelia Pyle.  Her conversion to Catholicism and devotion to St. Pio of Pietrelcina should never be forgotten.  The remarkable works in her spiritual life are astounding accomplishments and indeed "saintly".  "AVE MARIA".





Beneteta Raobati




November 8th 2010


I envy the life of Mary especially being a generous and kind hearted person. She is very lucky to be with St Padre Pio on earth and in heaven. I pray that she is beatified soon. Mary pray for me please.




Annette Bolton




October 17th 2010


What I wouldn't give to have lived in her shoes.





Siobhain Flynn




October 11th 2010





Edward Michael Salmon




October 7th 2010


Her guidance through your work on this site will flow through all who visit. Good work.





Mrs. Penelope Costin




October 7th 2010


I pray for Mary Pyles canonization. I have read a great deal about this holy and wonderful woman. PC





David Gomez


Trinidad & Tobago


October 7th 2010


Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. One day I hope to travel to the home of Padre Pio.





Gwen and Seamus Flynn


Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland


October 7th 2010


We were so pleased to read the Biographyof Mary Pyle ,which we have never heard of. We will pray to her and for her.





Jeanette and Joan




October 6th 2010


A very lovely--and much needed--website!Good job!





Joseph Levano




October 6th 2010


Thank you for creating this wonderful website dedicated to Mary Pyle, a true spiritual child of St. Padre Pio. Mary Pyle is a perfect example of how Padre Pio can bring us closer to Jesus and Mary his mother in our own lives. God Bless your work here and I will pray each day for the beatification of Mary Pyle."What you are doing, I may not be able to do. . .What I am doing, you may not be able to do. . .but all of us together are doing something beautiful for God." - Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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